When Whyte Plumbing & Heating approached us, they had made significant efforts to establish their brand independently. Recognizing the importance of a professional image, they sought our assistance.

We collaborated with the Whyte Plumbing & Heating team to develop their brand from scratch, aligning it with their values and target audience. Trust was cultivated through the use of bold graphics and a monochromatic colour palette.

The resulting design exudes a timeless and elevated quality, setting Whyte Plumbing & Heating apart as a unique plumbing contractor challenging the industry norms.

Project Scope

Brand Strategy
‍Logo Design
Brand Identity
Content Creation


Designer / Andrew Scherle
Photographer / Gergo Farkas

No stone unturned

We partnered with Whyte Plumbing & Heating to conduct an in-depth analysis of their business model and ascertain the preferences of their target market in a Vancouver based plumbing company. This comprehensive process involved a thoughtful examination of the market and competitors in their industry.

Establishing values

We played a pivotal role in defining the core values of Whyte Plumbing & Heating. This discovery created a solid foundation and clear direction for creating the brand.

1 / Build Trust

Trust is in the DNA of our business. It is what sets us apart from our competitors. Contractors and customers know that when they hire us, we will be true to our word, perform honest work, and create a positive experience for our clients and employees.

2 / Think Smart

At Whyte Plumbing and Heating, we embrace technology and have no fear of experimenting with new products and features that will result in a smarter choice for our clients. Our commitment to innovative thinking sets us apart by introducing new opportunities and perspectives to the plumbing and heating industry.

3 / Seek Innovation

At Whyte Plumbing & Heating, we know every job and client is unique. When needed, we use innovative solutions to improve. Our reputation is built on solving challenges with innovation

Trust Through Transparency

In designing the new look for Whyte Plumbing & Heating, we presented the team with various options. We landed on a direction centered on building trust through transparency. This approach is minimalist, focusing on essentials while eliminating distractions. Trust is symbolized by the use of bold graphics and a monochromatic color palette. The outcome is a high-end design that distinguishes us from other local plumbing trades, reaching a new level of sophistication.

On-Site BRanding

A key design aspect for Whyte Plumbing & Heating was deciding how to present their brand at job sites. We handled the design and material sourcing for their signage and vehicle branding to ensure a consistent and unified appearance.

Content Creation

We supplied Whyte Plumbing & Heating with a set of social media templates and custom image filters, enabling them to consistently develop their social media content. This ensures that their brand maintains a distinctive presence on social platforms.

Conor Whyte

Whyte Plumbing & Heating

I got a full rebrand for my construction company and I couldn’t recommend Andrew enough. I knew he was good but the finished product exceeded my expectations.