Strange Tree Society is a Vancouver based start-up founded by Swiss born Yves Grundler, and Canadian born Andrew Scherle. We created a custom illustrated patch series that showcases some of Canada’s most popular National Parks and West Coast destinations. Strange Tree began out of a passion for exploring Canadian locations, and the need to share that passion for the places we explored out in the wild.

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Patch designs

Each patch in the series was designed with similar compositions to create consistent, and visually appealing scenes.

logo design

We immersed ourselves in old travel notebooks that original explorers used to record their historic journeys. After discovering a consistent theme of handwritten notes and quick-sketched illustrations, we knew what direction we had to take for this project.


Using a minimalistic approach, we created a rack-hanging package design that allows our customers to touch and feel the authentic quality of our patches first hand.

embroidered Patches

Bringing our patches to life required us to locate the right supplier who could provide the highest quality in producing our custom designs. We wanted every patch to have a professional finished quality that we are truly proud to sell.