Stefani Lea has a first-hand experience working in commercial industries and understands the process for developing and investing in property. Her past experience and upbringing are what set her apart from other real estate agents, she is in fact one of two females in the Okanagan that specializes in commercial realty.

‍The goal of this project is to highlight Stefani’s feminine perspective to the industry and position her as an agent that is here to stay and make a impact.

Logo inspiration

The logo is inspired by the connection of buyers and sellers in the commercial real estate industry that Stefani Lea creates for her clients.

‍The resulting logo visually communicates the supportive partnership process that Stefani Lea takes her clients through from first introduction to final sale. Ultimately helping her clients achieve their business and investment goals.


We provided Stefani Lea with a full brand package that consistently positioned her as an established real estate agent in the commercial industry.

Stefani Lea

Stefani Lea Commercial Real Estate

Andrew always goes above and beyond and the finished project always exceeds my expectations.