Grainmatch is a custom wood design shop based in Kelowna, BC. The company began out of a passion to craft high-end wood pieces, built with quality materials, functional design, and timeless appeal. As a small business, Grainmatch wanted to secure a niche market of clients looking for tailored, original pieces.

The name Grainmatch is taken from the term ‘grain matching’. In its literal form 'grain matching' is the joining together of two similar pieces of wood to create a unified piece that appears as one. The logo concept takes inspiration from that idea, representing skilled craftsmanship, creativity, and the thoughtful attention to detail that goes into each piece.

the monogram

The monogram was created as a secondary logo when the full logo is not required. When isolated from the wordmark, it appears as the letter M, representing the first and last initials of the founder.